If you’re searching for Arkansas auto transport services, you need look no further than Affordable Auto Transportation. We work with the best shippers in the industry to get you great rates to ship to or from anywhere in the U.S.

And when it comes to shipping into or out of Arkansas, it’s important to know how it works. Arkansas is one of those states that doesn’t see a whole lot of car shipping demand from customers. This tends to result in fewer carriers, and, oftentimes, higher prices.

Luckily, we know how to keep prices affordable while also making sure your vehicle moves when it needs to. So keep reading to learn more about Arkansas auto transport, how it works, and how we can help you get it done at a great rate when you need it.

What to Know About Arkansas Auto Transport Services

Arkansas’ capital and largest city is Little Rock, which tends to be the main auto shipping location within the state. Centrally located in Arkansas, carriers don’t have too hard a time getting there.

At the same time, it doesn’t see the demand that other major cities in the region do. This tends to result in slightly higher prices, at least on a per-mile basis, than those other, larger cities.

There are numerous factors that impact your auto transportation prices. But the two biggest tend to be popularity of the pickup and delivery locations as well as ease of access. If there are lots of people shipping cars to or from an area, and it’s easy for carriers to get to, it tends to be cheaper than those that are not.

Little Rock and Fort Smith, the two largest cities in the state, are easy enough to get to. But the demand usually just isn’t there.

Luckily, we know how to mitigate that. While our prices may be slightly higher per mile, our prices are also built to move your vehicle when you need it moved. And more often than not they’re still more affordable than 90% of other shippers.

But know that Arkansas can be finnicky. Carriers won’t go there unless the prices are right, so it’s important to speak to an agent and find out how we can get you the best price for your Arkansas auto transport needs.

Need a Quote to Ship a Car?

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