Ohio Auto TransportationBelieve it or not, Ohio auto transportation services are actually in pretty high demand. Really, it’s not surprising – home to major cities such as Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, carriers are often running routes through Ohio. It’s a part of the Great Lakes Mega Region, more or less, and it’s one of the busiest auto shipping centers in the country. As such, actually shipping your car to or from Ohio should not be an issue.

Basic Facts About Ohio

Population: 11.6 million
Capital: Columbus
Largest City: Columbus
Largest Metro Area: Cleveland Metropolitan Area
Governor: John Kasich

Some Information About Ohio Auto Transportation

As mentioned above, Ohio is a popular place to ship a car. Carriers appreciate the fact that they are close to several major cities. In addition to the cities listed below, carriers can easily get to cities such as Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Louisville, and all the millions of people who live in those areas. With so many major cities close to one another it’s a breeze for carriers to get from one to the next. This results in faster transit times and, more importantly, lower prices.

And because all those cities are close to one another, pickup times should be quicker as well. Carriers are constantly running routes through that particular region – it’s one of the busiest in the industry. So there’s always someone around there who is going to be willing to run a route there. Even rural routes – with so many interstate highways, getting just about anywhere in Ohio is a snap. Of course, major cities will come with delays, notably traffic and construction. But that’s par for the course and carriers will coordinate with you closer to pickup and delivery. Overall, Ohio auto transportation services should be easy to find.

About Popular Ohio Auto Transportation Locations

Columbus is the capital and largest city in the state of Ohio. As such, it’s generally a popular car shipping location as well. Located in the center of the state many carriers include Columbus in their routes through the state. This results in faster transit times and lower prices for most customers.

Though not as large as Columbus, its location along I-94 makes Cleveland quite popular during most of the year. During the winter months snow and ice can cause delays, but most of the year it’s clear and open. Carriers like Cleveland because it’s easy to get to and close to other major cities along I-90.

Cincinnati is another major city in Ohio, though it sits in the southern parts of the state. It’s closer to Louisville, Kentucky than it is to Cleveland, and that is actually a good thing. Carriers often travel through Cincinnati on their way through the central parts of the country. Like with Columbus and Cleveland, this should result in faster transit times and lower prices.

Interested in Ohio Auto Transportation Services?

If you’re trying to ship a car to or from Ohio, let us at Affordable Auto Transportation help you out! We work with carriers across the country to get your vehicle moved from and to wherever you need. Whether you’re shipping to Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, or elsewhere, we will calculate the right quote for your needs. If you’d like, you can fill out our free form and get a free, custom quote emailed to you within minutes. Or, you can contact us over the phone any time to speak to a live agent. Both methods have their benefits, but either will get you a quality quote to ship your car. Let us know how we can help! Just fill out our form or contact us at 800-805-5194 today.


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