If you’re looking to ship a travel trailer, don’t worry – we can help you get it moved. But there are some things that you need to understand about shipping a travel trailer that will affect the price you pay and the services provided.

As a travel trailer can’t move under its own power, you either need to have the vehicle that tows it moving with it, or else you need to let us know the trailer is by itself. This will affect the price – auto shippers load and unload vehicles by driving them on and off the trucks. If they can’t load your travel trailer that way, they have to find another method. This usually involves a winch, which will cost more.

Read on to learn more about how we ship travel trailers and other important information about shipping one.

How we ship a travel trailer

As mentioned, we either tell the carrier it’s not running, or that the tow vehicle is included in the shipment. Otherwise, there’s really no way a carrier is going to get it onto the trailer.

Note that most travel trailers can’t be shipped on a standard open carrier. They require a flatbed transport truck to haul them, which definitely costs more money. Flatbed trucks aren’t used often – not near as often as an open or even an enclosed trailer. This means higher prices and, often, longer wait times for pickup and delivery.

Some enclosed carriers have the space to move a travel trailer, but most don’t. You can ask an agent if an enclosed carrier is available but chances are they won’t be.

Expect a flatbed truck to haul your travel trailer.

What to know about shipping a travel trailer

When you ship a travel trailer you should have its dimensions as well as the make and model of it. Having the length, width, height and weight of it when getting a quote is going to make the quote more accurate.

Not only with your price be more accurate, but we can find a carrier for it more quickly if we have all that information. We can tell any carrier we speak to about shipping it what exactly they can expect. This makes it easier for them, which makes it easier for us, which makes it easier for you.

Some travel trailers can move under their own power. These are technically motor homes, but still, if your trailer can move under its own power let us know! It may knock off a bit of the price.

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