People like to complain. And a lot of the time they have every reason to. But when it comes to auto shipping complaints, they tend to happen because of frustration at the process, and not anything that anyone can actually do.

This is the problem with the auto transport industry – because it’s route-based, there are things that happen that are outside of our control. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t doing our job or getting vehicles moved. It just means somethings things happen.

Here are some of the common complaints we see or have seen in our years of shipping vehicles. If one of these is your complaint, it’s likely because of the problems outlined below.

Common auto shipping complaints

My car hasn’t been picked up!

A lot of the time, when a vehicle has yet to be picked up, there’s a reason for it. Most shipments get picked up within seven days of the first available date. Popular areas, like big cities, will see pickup within just a few days. Less popular areas may see pickup taking the full seven days.

And then there are areas that may take up to two weeks to get a vehicle picked up. These areas are remote and are away from major shipping lanes. Sometimes, there’s not much we can do other than throw money at the carriers. But even then it can still take time.

Rarely is your vehicle not picked up because we’re bad at our jobs. If a price is too low, it won’t get picked up. If your vehicle is out of the way, it won’t be picked up. But if everything is fine, then it just takes time.

This shipment is too expensive!

Auto transport costs what it costs. That’s the hard part – as a route-based industry, the carriers really have the final say in pricing. They deal with lower prices than they want because it’s better than not getting loads at all. But some areas, especially remote ones, just cost more to ship to or from.

Don’t forget too that, because it’s a route-based industry, longer routes will cost more. Think of it in a per-mile way: shorter routes cost more per mile, but less overall. Longer routes cost more overall, but less per mile. Carriers operate this way because it’s the best way for them to maximize their profit when compared against all their expenses.

So if you think your price is too high, the good news is that it’ll likely move quickly. But you can and should talk to an agent because sometimes prices are too high. Sometimes, things aren’t priced right – prices change quickly in the car shipping industry, after all.

My vehicle hasn’t been delivered yet!

Shipping cars takes time. Short routes take 2-3 days, intermediate routes take 3-5, longer routes 5-7, and cross-country can take 7-10. These are estimates only – they are not set-in-stone. Many, many factors will impact your vehicle’s transit time, from route changes to inclement weather to construction and road closures and more. Think of all the reasons why traffic is slow – carriers have to deal with that too! But the problem is that carriers are losing money every second they’re stuck in traffic.

Believe us, if a carrier could get from New York to Los Angeles in two days and still make a grand on it, they would. But they can’t. They have to travel the old-fashioned way. And don’t forget, your vehicle is sharing space on a truck with up to nine other vehicles. Carriers tend to deliver in the order they picked up, too. So if there are issues at a pickup or delivery location for a different customer, it can lead to delays. Even just a few hours at each stop can add a day or more to a carrier’s delivery time.

So if a vehicle hasn’t been delivered yet, it’s not because anything catastrophic has happened. It just means the carrier’s running a bit behind schedule. You can always contact an agent any time if you have concerns about your delivery windows.

My agent hasn’t told me anything!

If your agent hasn’t told you anything then there’s probably nothing to tell you. We try to contact all our existing customers as often as possible when it comes to arranging their transportation. So as soon as something happens, we make sure that our agents are calling their customers and informing them.

Sometimes, however, things just don’t happen. This is common for customers who ship standby, for instance. Or customers who are shipping between remote areas. Sometimes, there’s just nothing to tell you.

Your agent will inform you of your shipment’s progress at every step of the way. But sometimes those steps can take a day or two, or longer, depending on a myriad number of factors.

But don’t be afraid to give us a call and speak to your agent. If there’s nothing to tell you, no updates or anything, they’ll let you know that when you call.

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