When it comes to Connecticut auto transport services, it seems like it would be a lot harder to ship to than it actually is. This is because typically, auto shippers like big cities in big states near other big states. So places like Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami – those are the hot auto shipping hubs of the nation. Those areas all have a few things in common: large populations, easy access, and proximity to other major shipping areas.

Connecticut satisfies two of those three things: it’s relatively easy to get to, and it’s fairly close to a major shipping hub in New York City. But there’s things you’ll want to know about Connecticut auto transport services that can affect prices and carrier availability. So keep reading to learn more.

What to Know About Connecticut Auto Transport Services

Connecticut doesn’t see a lot of demand from customers, mostly because there’s just not a lot of places that people want to ship to. That doesn’t mean that there’s no shipping services to or from the state, of course. It just means that it sees fewer carriers heading to or from the state. But because of how close Connecticut is to both New York City and New York State, it’s easier than it sounds.

Most carriers want to stay along major interstate highways, and Connecticut has one of the most heavily-traveled in I-95. So any area that sits along I-95 is going to be fairly easy – and fairly affordable – to actually ship to or from. Your main shipping areas are likely going to be in southern or eastern Connecticut, notably Stamford and New Haven. But even then, other areas in central Connecticut shouldn’t cost too much more to ship to, if anything. Make sure to speak to an agent to learn more.

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