Perhaps the most important thing when you ship a car is how much you actually pay. And that requires you to know a bit about auto transport prices, how they work and how they get your car moved. We’re here to explain that.

But there’s quite a bit that goes into giving you the right rate to ship your vehicle. We outline the three major factors that pay into your auto transport prices in this helpful blog post.

How auto transport prices work – the route

Factor #1 that goes into your auto transport prices is where you’re shipping from and to. Shorter routes cost less, longer routes cost more is the general rule of thumb. Cross-country shipments cost the most. Shipments to and from major cities tend to save you money. Remote shipments will cost more.

This is the biggest factor in your shipment and the route charge makes up the bulk of your price. Some regions are naturally more difficult for carriers to make money on due to lack of demand. A good example is the northern plains, such as North and South Dakota. Those states can be a bear for carriers to service unless the route is paying enough.

You shouldn’t be afraid to pay a bit more to make sure that your shipment moves. Speak to an agent to learn more.

How auto transport prices work – the vehicle

What you’re shipping will also impact the auto transport prices that are given to you. Smaller vehicles will cost less to ship, and are often part of a company’s standard rate. For instance, we price routes based on a standard sedan-sized vehicle.

Larger vehicles will cost more along the same route to ship. Most auto transporters use percentages – for instance, a large truck may cost 20% more along a route than a sedan. Usually, the larger the vehicle, the more expensive it’ll be.

For oversize vehicles, specialty pricing may be necessary. This will depend on the size of the vehicle and whether or not it’s going to need a flatbed hauler. Flatbed haulers are much more expensive than your standard open carrier. So make sure to speak to an agent about your vehicle as well as your route.

How auto transport prices work – the season

Last but not least is when you’re shipping. Pricing can swing wildly with the seasons, but typically, during the summer, prices go up on most routes, while in the winter, they go down. Again, this is a broad stroke kind of statement – specific routes will change based on a number of factors over the course of a year.

This is the factor that you really can’t do much about. Let’s face it, you need to ship a car when you need to ship it. Waiting for the most opportune moment of the year is likely going to be a waste of everyone’s time. You’re welcome to try – we’re happy to book your order to ship next year, if you’d like. But more often than not prices will change and what you get quoted today for a shipment six months from now won’t be what you pay six months from now.

You can speak to an agent to talk about how the seasons affect your specific shipment and route and what we’re facing now. But regardless of when you’re shipping, we can get you a great rate to ship your car.

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