Looking for Mississippi auto transport services, but not sure where to start? Luckily for you, we offer affordable prices to or from Mississippi for any vehicle, no matter when you’re shipping.

However, there are some factors that will impact both the prices you pay and the services you receive when shipping to or from Mississippi. We feel it’s important you’re aware of what to expect and how things will impact your prices and services. So keep reading to learn more, then contact us any time for a free quote to ship your vehicle.

What to know about Mississippi auto transport services

Mississippi is, really, not the most popular place to ship a car to. There’s not much demand from customers, which will impact carrier availability and pricing. The main auto transport hub in the state is Jackson, the state capital and largest city. Another somewhat popular area is the Biloxi-Gulfport area, near the Gulf Coast.

One major factor that plays into these areas being more popular than others is ease of access. Jackson sits along I-20, a major east-west interstate, and I-55, which runs all the way to Chicago. This gives carriers plenty of ways into and out of both Jackson and Biloxi. Biloxi also benefits from sitting along I-10, which is arguably more popular than I-20 in terms of an east-west highway.

These make things easier. But the lack of demand from other customers makes it harder for carriers to offer competitive rates. Our rates are about as low as we can get them, but at some point too low is a problem. So compared to other areas that see more traffic, Mississippi may be more expensive in comparison.

Note too that major cities will cost lest to ship to than rural areas, of which there are many in Mississippi. If you’re having trouble getting your vehicle picked up in a rural area (or shipped to one), think about moving your pickup (or delivery) location to a bigger city. Speak to an agent for more.

Need a quote to ship a car?

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