Oregon Auto Transport ServicesLooking to ship a car to or from the state of Oregon? We can help! At Affordable Auto Transportation we understand what Oregon auto transport services require and how to go about getting you the best price and the best services for your budget. And when it comes to car transport services, Oregon is no slouch. Home to over 4.1 million residents, Oregon, much like Washington State, is bisected by the Cascade Mountains. Because of this, western Oregon is definitely more populated, as eastern Oregon is fairly barren. We’ll discuss how this can impact your Oregon auto transport services and prices below, so keep reading!

What to Know About Oregon Auto Transport Services

Oregon sees a decent amount of car transport traffic mostly because of Portland, its largest city, and its surrounding metro area. At the same time, though, Portland is in western Oregon, so if you’re shipping from the east you’re going to see slightly higher prices than shipments to eastern Oregon.

At the same time, though, there’s not a lot of demand for transport to eastern Oregon. The region’s largest city, Bend, is still only a fraction the size of Portland. So with so much demand to and from Portland, carriers are going to naturally gravitate toward Portland, which helps to mitigate some of the price hikes that come with longer distance shipments.

Oregon is serviced by two main interstate highways in I-5 and I-84. It has numerous state highways that carriers also use to get around, but when it comes to nationwide transportation services, the interstates are most important. And both those interstates intersect in Portland. This is another reason why Portland tends to be the best place in Oregon to ship your vehicle.

Now, all that being said, we can find you affordable auto transportation services to anywhere in Oregon. But it’s important to know the limitations of your route and how your route and the pickup and delivery locations can affect your price. So make sure to speak to an agent to get the lowdown on your specific shipment.

Need a Quote to Ship a Car?

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