Overseas Auto TransportationAre you trying to find overseas auto transportation services but you’re not finding prices or services that appeal to you? That’s okay – finding a good quote to ship a car overseas can be tough! But there are a few things you should know about shipping a car overseas, notably that it will be more expensive and take longer than standard interstate auto shipping services. This is sort of par for the course, though; overseas shipping involves more than just your car transport company, after all. So read on to learn about how vehicles are shipped overseas and how you can find the best company for your needs.

Overseas Auto Transportation – Why It’s More Expensive

When you ship a car overseas, naturally you’re going to need a company that can actually ship vehicles overseas. Since no land-based broker can really do that themselves, they have to hire an overseas shipping company to fulfill that part of the journey. You can book an overseas shipment with most brokers out there today – they just hire a port shipper to handle that portion of the shipment. But your vehicle still needs to get to the port, and for that your broker will hire an overland, interstate auto transport company to do that.

This is partly why overseas shipping gets expensive – you essentially have to use two different haulers to get your car moved. One from your pickup location to the port, and one from the port to the destination port overseas. Each carrier has to get paid in order to keep their business running, so most overseas shipments are simply priced to combine the two.

You’ll often find that quotes you get for overseas transportation services are in the four-digit range, usually just over a thousand dollars. That sucks, for sure, but it’s the price to get a car overseas. You can cut some of that down by moving your vehicle to the port yourself and cutting out the overland transportation company. But that’s only useful if you’re close to the port it’s shipping out of. Note that most every broker will take payment up front for an overseas shipment. This is so they can pay each shipper in turn without having to wait for you to pay them first. It also helps streamline the shipment since your broker can handle all the aspects of it. This in turn makes your overall shipment easier on you.

Overseas Auto Transportation – Why It’s More Time-Consuming

Since overseas shipping services requires the use of two different shipping companies, arranging transport can be more time consuming. Your broker will have to work out who is going to ship your car to the port, which can take anywhere from a day or two to a week or better. Then you have to wait for the carrier to show up and actually load your vehicle, which can take another few days. Then you have to wait for them to get to the port, which can take upwards of a week if you’re far away.

Once it’s at the port the vehicle has to wait for the next available cargo ship to carry it to its destination. This can take anywhere from a day to a week to two weeks depending on the port shippers’ schedule. And then you have to wait for the cargo ship to get to the port in question, which can take another week or two.

Most of the time, the timeframe for overseas car shipping is two to three weeks from pickup to final delivery. This will definitely depend on all those factors above, but it’s a good estimate. Your agent will be able to tell you more about your specific shipment as well. Ultimately, it’s important to talk to your agent and understand the intricacies of your specific route

Overseas Auto Transportation – Destinations of Note

Alaska is a popular overseas car transport location, notably the port in Anchorage. Anchorage tends to be the easiest port to ship to for most overseas shippers. However, Alaska tends to be more expensive than other places, notably Hawaii. But Alaska is definitely one of the easier places overseas to ship a car.

Hawaii’s main port is in Honolulu, but most every island has a separate port that an overseas cargo ship can reach. Not all do, so make sure to speak to an agent about it. Note that there is no inter-island auto shipping services (that we know of, anyway). As such, choosing the right port is important lest you have to pay more to ferry your vehicle to another island.

Overseas U.S. Territories
Places like Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands are surprisingly popular car transportation areas, particularly the first. Puerto Rico tends to see the most vehicle shipping traffic of the overseas U.S. territories due to its size and status. It also tends to be the cheapest to ship to due to its location. Speak to an agent for more about which overseas territories we can help you ship your car to.

Though Affordable Auto Transportation does not provide international vehicle shipping services, they are available. International shipping has a lot more hoops to jump through than shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or an overseas U.S. territory, though, so you’ll want to read up on it. This will let you find the right international shipper for your needs.

Interested in Overseas Auto Transportation?

If you’re trying to ship a car overseas let us at Affordable Auto Transportation help you ! We work with shippers across the country to get your vehicle moved from and to wherever you need. Whether you’re shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or elsewhere, we will calculate the right quote for your needs. If you’d like, you can fill out our free form and get a free, custom quote emailed to you within minutes. Or, you can contact us over the phone any time to speak to a live agent. Both methods have their benefits, but either will get you a quality quote to ship your car. Let us know how we can help! Just fill out our form or contact us at 800-805-5194 today.


  • "Being a rather large SUV that needed shipped from California to Nebraska, there were a few challenges. The first truck that arrived refused to pickup the vehicle due to it's size. However, Mike worked diligently and within one week he had a hotshot lined up. The operators of the hotshot were incredibly communicative and accommodating. The vehicle arrived withing 3 days with no damage at all. Although there was the one hiccup, in the end the service received was top notch. I would be happy to ship with Mike in the future." - Miles/California
  • "Never needing to use an auto transport service, I was a bit nervous and overwhelmed with all of the different company/broker options. After reading tons of reviews and visiting the Better Business Bureau website, I contacted Affordable Auto Transportation. The stars aligned and Jared Z. was my main point of contact. He made this experience super easy and relaxed my anxieties. I would highly recommend this company for my family and friends. " - Jared Z/Washington