Auto transportation prices change all the time. A route that cost $600 one week could cost $500 the next. Or $700. But regardless of pricing changes, the cheapest places to ship a car often don’t change. These are areas that see a lot of demand, a lot of traffic, and are major hubs for carriers and brokers and customers alike.

They are few and far between, but they are still around. This post is going to focus on some of the cheapest places to ship a car, what makes them cheap, and what you can expect when shipping to or from them.

Note that every route is different, and prices are based on more than just one city. All the same pricing rules apply to these cities – that means that longer routes will still cost more, and rural pickup/delivery more still. But on a per-mile basis, it’s hard to find lower rates than shipments to or from these cities.

The cheapest places to ship a car in the U.S.

Los Angeles
L.A. is probably the most popular auto transport location in the nation. Between its population, location, and ease of access, it’s a major shipping hub for customers and carriers alike. Many carriers are based in L.A. as well so prices tend to be cheaper both into and out of the city. No matter where you’re shipping from, L.A. is easily the cheapest place in the U.S. to ship a car to or from.

Houston is another major auto transport hub, much for the same reasons as Los Angeles. Dallas, too, is quite popular, and is only a short drive away. Houston is popular less because of carriers and more because of the sheer demand that Texas sees. Like California, it’s home to multiple major cities that are all popular shipping locations. You can’t go wrong with Houston auto transport services.

Miami sees a lot of traffic mostly because of snowbirds and coast-to-coast shippers. It isn’t the largest city in Florida, but it sees more traffic than Jacksonville due to its location. Miami is also the anchor of a massive, sprawling metropolitan area. So carriers have lots of places they can go. Not only that, but it’s easy to get around Miami if you stay on the interstates. Needless to say, Miami is just as easy to ship to as L.A., Houston, and a host of other major cities.

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