Top Cities to Ship a Car

There are literally tens of thousands of different towns and cities spread out across the United States, but some areas are more popular to ship a vehicle to or from than others. Here’s a list of the top cities to ship a car in or out of. Reasons vary, but most of them are popular due to their size or their location.

Miami, Florida

Miami is a popular shipping location mainly because of snowbirds. Many of them aren’t shipping to Miami proper, but its metropolitan area; that’s okay, though, because prices tend to be pretty much the same. Snowbirds like the Miami area because, in the winter, it’s generally mild. There’s not a lot of bad weather once hurricane season is over, leaving just sunshine and mild temperatures to enjoy.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a huge auto shipping location primarily because of its size. The City of Los Angeles is huge in and of itself, but Los Angeles is perhaps more famous for its sprawl. Known as the Greater L.A. Area, it is home to over twenty million people spread across southern California. Also factor in the nice weather and the culture that L.A. is known for, and it’s no surprise people are moving there in droves. This in turn tends to make it more popular among carriers since it’s where their customers are going.

New York City, New York

Again, New York City is popular because of its size. However, it tends to see more people shipping out of the New York area than into it; this is because New York just isn’t as popular a place to move to. Therefore, less people tend to be shipping cars there. However, it’s so large that it still sees plenty of traffic throughout the year.

Houston, Texas

Houston – along with Dallas, and Austin, and San Antonio, and Fort Worth, and others – is popular because Texas is one of the most heavily populated states in the U.S. Its cities are massive and combined are home to tens of millions of people. This is huge for car shippers especially when you combine it with the weather the area is known for. Houston and the rest of Texas see a lot of car shipping traffic because there’s always someone shipping to Texas.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, like New York City, tends to see more traffic out than in, but it’s still a major U.S. city and a popular shipping location nonetheless. Chicago is close to Indianapolis, the Crossroads of America, and this is huge for carriers. The entire Chicago area is easy to get to – if not get around – and is accessible from across the country thanks to the cluster of highways that run around and through it. This makes it cheaper, faster and easier to ship to or from Chicago.

There are, of course, many more cities in the U.S, all of which you can ship a vehicle to or from. If you’re interested in those, check out our City by City Auto Transport section. Of course, you can also get a quote right over the phone, or fill out our free form any time to get a quote emailed to you from one of our auto shipping experts.


  • "Being a rather large SUV that needed shipped from California to Nebraska, there were a few challenges. The first truck that arrived refused to pickup the vehicle due to it's size. However, Mike worked diligently and within one week he had a hotshot lined up. The operators of the hotshot were incredibly communicative and accommodating. The vehicle arrived withing 3 days with no damage at all. Although there was the one hiccup, in the end the service received was top notch. I would be happy to ship with Mike in the future." - Miles/California
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